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Launch a Gojek Clone App in Indonesia and become rich! YES! Launching a successful business and earning easy and quick money is now possible. So, entrepreneurs, if you have been worrying about where to arrange for the finances and kick-start the business quickly, the time has come to shrug off all those worries! 

With the help of this all-in-one app, you can allow your customers to book 101+ on-demand services in real time, track them, communicate with the delivery driver, and even give them a safety rating after the order is delivered. 

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Book 101+ On-demand Services on a Single App 

With your multi-service app, your customers can live an uncomplicated life. They will have the ease of booking a service anytime and anywhere without having to depend on someone, make a thousand calls, or even stress about the cash they forgot at their home! 

If you launch the Gojek Clone App in Indonesia, your customers will be able to book the following services in one click: 

Uber-like Taxi Bookings 

Everyone has booked a taxi ride using Uber. If you ask the customers what they like the most about the app, they’ll say, easy payment, the choice to book the taxi type that they want, and much more. 

However, the question is, why use an Uber-like app in Indonesia when you can launch your own home-grown taxi business? 

Uber-like Taxi Bookings

With the help of a Gojek-like app, you can allow the users to book taxi rides, book a rental, share rides, and even book a chauffeured luxurious car ride within the city! 

Book an Appointment with a Hairstylist 

Also, your customers will be able to book an appointment with a  nearby hairstylist of their choice. 

Besides that, if your customers want to book an at-home service, they can do that too! By selecting a hairstylist from the sub-category and setting the desired filters like 5-stars, proximity, etc., they’ll get an entire list displayed on the app. 


Now, by clicking on the provider’s profile and adding the services to the cart, customers can proceed with booking the service on the Gojek Clone App. 

Send Heavy Parcels from One Place to Another 

Now, no one has to worry about carrying big loads of cartons, loading them into the truck, driving to the address, and delivering them anymore! 

They can now book a cargo truck, car, or maybe a two-wheeler vehicle to send parcels to one of the multiple locations. 

Depending on the size, quantity, and weight of the parcel, they can book the parcel delivery. Professional delivery drivers will arrive at the service location, load the vehicle, and deliver them to the said address(s)! 

Customers can track the delivery and even communicate with the delivery driver this entire time! Also, to ensure that the delivery is done to the right place/person, the driver needs to enter the 4-digit OTP sent to the receiver! 

Order Their Favorite Food and Groceries 

Do you know which service will bring the most sales once you launch the Gojek Clone App in Indonesia? Food and Grocery delivery! 

Customers will be able to search for their favorite restaurants or dishes on the app and order them online easily. Within a few minutes of placing their order, the customers will receive the order on their doorstep. 

Food and Groceries

Furthermore, customers will be able to book a contactless delivery option as well if they want. Here, the delivery driver will drop off the order at the doorstep, click & upload its picture on the app as proof, and finally notify the customer. 

The customers can then pick up the order from the doorstep! 

Aren’t these some of the most unique services that a customer can book from a single app? Apart from single-click booking, this Gojek-like app also lets customers to 

  • Send voice notes to the delivery/taxi drivers instructing them about the order delivery. 
  • Make online payments via in-app wallets and credit cards. 
  • Track the order on the map. 
  • Video calls the delivery/taxi driver to help them with navigation. 

In Conclusion: 

Ready to launch a Gojek Clone App in Indonesia? If yes, get your hands on Cubetaxi’s Gojek Clone demo app. 

Take your own time to test the app and finally make the purchase decision. Once you realize that it’s the best app for your business, place the order with Cubetaxi. 

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the white-labeling experts today.

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