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24 hour garage door repair Las Vegas

Usually, we open and close our garage doors an average of about five times a day. Now, families who are working from home or need to receive packages need to use their garage a lot more than just five times a day. This can easily reduce the lifespan of the moving parts and components of the garage door, including garage door springs. Thus, to take care of those important parts of your garage door, you should trust a company that can offer excellent services regarding 24 hour garage door repair Las Vegas

Now, let us discuss what things you should do or know to ensure the right function and long lifespan of your garage doors and garage door springs.

How do the garage door springs work?

Garage door springs mainly work as a counterbalance system that can offset the weight of your heavy garage door. When one of those springs break, the door becomes too heavy to lift, and hence, makes the door inoperable. This can turn out to be very inconvenient if you need to get out of your car from your garage.

Hence, instead of waiting for your garage door spring to break, you should repair or replace it to avoid this inconvenience. Having a clear idea regarding how long those springs have been installed is a great indication of when you should replace them.

How often should you replace your garage door springs?

Garage door springs usually have cycle counts that can help you to estimate the expected lifespan of the springs. The higher the count is, the longer your spring will last. Most garage door springs usually last for nearly 7-10 years. However, with the increased use of garage doors, this number can turn out to be 5-7 years.

Why is it crucial to be proactive when it comes to garage doors?

Due to the shortage of metals, and other raw materials, fixing or replacing a garage door spring is not as easy and quick as it was in the past. Nowadays, metal is only sold in small quantities, and even the other components of garage doors are not sold separately in many places. Thus, the price of garage door coils and springs has increased by at least 30%. Hence, you should not wait for your garage door springs to break before replacing them, as it may lead you to struggle with an unusable garage door for many days. Also check about Sectional Garage Door.

Why your garage door springs may break?

There are many reasons for your garage door springs to break. Some of those are:

  • Rust

A big reason is, of course, rust. Rust is very dangerous for torsion springs, as it can increase the amount of friction on the coil and even can corrode the spring. So, it is essential to inspect the springs regularly and spray them with an effective lubricant to make sure they remain rust-free and healthy for several months.

  • Age

Another very common reason for a damaged garage door spring is wear and tear. There is no garage door spring that has an unlimited lifespan, so sooner or later, it may get damaged and needs a replacement. Now, you may wonder how long a garage door spring usually lasts; then the answer is normally about 10,000 cycles of closing and opening. This means if you only operate your garage door just once a day, you can expect it to last for near about 14 years. 

However, if you use your garage door twice a day, the time may reduce to just seven years. So, it is crucial to count the lifespan of your garage door spring and replace them whenever you feel that they cannot work anymore.

Therefore, you should follow the points mentioned here whenever you feel the need to know how many years your garage door springs have been working and when you should replace them. For the best suggestion, you should contact some reliable local garage door repair Las Vegas.

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