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Restumping your home doesn’t have to be a nightmare, despite its imposing appearance. Maintaining your composure and knowing what to look for in a reputable contractor who can help you to complete the task with the least amount of stress possible.

Restumping, also known as “reblocking,” is raising the house so that the wooden stumps can be taken out and replaced. Floor levels must be reset during the restumping operation, and this movement may result in bent doorframes, cracked plaster, broken tiles, and other damage.

Do you need to restump your home?

Do your plaster walls have cracks? Is your flooring crooked? If someone walks by, does your glassware jingle cheerfully on the shelf? It may be time to bring in the professionals to give your house a stable foundation.

Most houses require restumping at some point unless your home is constructed on a concrete slab. Older homes are constructed on timber stumps, which, depending on a number of variables, can last anywhere between 15 and 80 years. After a certain period, you need to restump your house to keep the foundation stable.

Make sure your current stumps are strong enough before beginning any substantial modifications, and you can choose a reliable restumping service to inspect your home once.

How to choose a restumper?

  • The finest recommendations come from people you know; if you can identify someone who had their house restumped and experienced a positive experience, follow their advice. So, you can ask for some recommendations from your friends and relatives.
  • Make that the restumper you select has the necessary experience (and insurance). Contact a local Master Builders Australia member if you are unsure of where to begin.
  • Inquire about the latest jobs the stumper has completed. Ask whether any of their former customers would be comfortable offering a recommendation. So, you can ask for some references from such agencies and contact their previous customers to get their feedback.
  • Make careful to look up reviews and comments on stumpers online, and confirm that they have been operating with the same name for a significant amount of time.

How much will it cost?

That is a string-related query. The market price fluctuates based on a range of factors, including where you live and the size of your house. The area of the sub-floor space, as well as how accessible it will be for workers. The soil’s condition, as well as the joists and bearers, will affect the ultimate cost. You can ask for quotes from different restumping services to compare their prices.

The Restumping Process

You must contact the top expert in your area when restumping is involved. To evaluate the slope of the flooring, experts frequently utilize levels in addition to eye inspection. In order to avoid any future issues for the owner, they then inspect the soil below the house and estimate how thick the stumps will be.

A number of jacks are carried to the location and set at strategic points once the conditions have been assessed and the lengths of the roots have been determined. The house is raised gradually and consistently. The damaged stumps are then extracted while leaving the healthy ones in place, and fresh stumps are planted in their place to replace the damaged ones.

Sometimes additional dirt must be removed from the existing depth to ensure that the stumps stay strong. The jacks are once more lowered gradually and uniformly after restumping. The entire structure is once more supported by the stumps. Finally, after the project is completed, the jacks are taken out.

Importance of restumping:

Restumping can be defined as the process of replacing old stumps with new ones as they become worn out. The stumps are susceptible to deterioration over time because they are made of wood. The wood is weakened by termites, water, dirt, and other natural components.

It might be necessary to completely restump the home, maintain a few of the stumps in decent condition, and rebuild the others. It is among the most crucial and important aspects of home maintenance.


Restumping can be a terrific alternative for you if you also want to strengthen your home and restumping significantly increase its lifespan. The procedure may initially appear to be an expensive maintenance issue. Even so, it is far less expensive than breaking and reconstructing the house.

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