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Temporary work visa Australia

The TSS or 482 visa is an Australian visa that is unique and is for international workers. This Temporary Skill shortage visa subclass 482 looks to fill the gap in the Australian workforce. The visa allows eligible employers to sponsor workers outside of Australia to fill skill shortages. 

The TSS visa can be granted for two to four years based on the occupation and demand of the applicant. On the other hand, the Employer Nomination Scheme is a visa that has around three streaks. It allows skilled workers nominated by employers to live and work permanently in Australia. In this guide, you can know about the differences between subclass 482 and 186 visa. 

For Whom is the Subclass 482 Visa for? 

This Australian visa is for skilled migrants who Australian employers sponsor to come and work in Australia. To be eligible for this visa, Australian employers need to apply for and acquire a standard business sponsorship. 

What Is The 186 Visa Scheme For? 

The Employer Sponsored Visa 186 is for overseas skilled migrants with an Australian employer sponsoring them to come and work in Australia. To be eligible to sponsor a skilled worker for this visa, an Australian employer needs to apply for standard business sponsorship. The skilled worker also needs to show that they have adequate work experience in specific occupations.    

What is a Standard Business Sponsorship? 

The standard business sponsorship is a process that confirms that a business is lawfully operating. It also requires the business to provide proof of business structure. The specific business also needs to show that they have sufficient finance to hire skilled migrant workers. 

This process safeguards migrant workers from being exploited and protects the business from hiring an employee they cannot support. After the standard business sponsorship is approved, it will be valid for five years from the time of grant. 

Who is Able to Apply for the Standard Business Sponsorship? 

Employers need to apply for the standard business sponsorship in case of both Subclass 186 and a subclass 482 visa. Any Australian business can apply for this sponsorship visa. Once they satisfy the structural and administrative requirements of the Department of Home Affairs. 

Some of the entities that can apply for the standard business sponsorship include the following:

  • Public companies 
  • Proprietary companies 
  • Educational institutes 
  • Partnerships 
  • Solo traders 
  • Non-profit organizations 
  • Government departments. 

What Are the Streams of the 186 Visa? 

The three streams of visa subclass 186 are as follows:

  • Temporary Residence Transition: If you already possess a 482 visa and have been working for three years under your employer full-time under this visa, you can apply for this stream.
  • Direct Entry: If you do not hold a visa subclass 482 but have around three years of work experience in a relevant occupation, you can apply under this stream. 
  • Labour agreement: If you are currently residing in Australia under a labour agreement, you can apply for this stream. 

What Are Some Advantages of Being a Standard Business Sponsorship? 

When employers hold a standard business sponsorship, they can nominate skilled migrant workers to fill work shortages in their business. It can also benefit global companies that wish to move their employees between specific locations. 

When Can You Lodge a 186 Nomination and Visa Application? 

You must lodge a proper nomination application before the Subclass 186 Visa application. The nomination process will involve displaying the genuineness of the position and proving that the terms and conditions of employment are favourable. 

What is the Processing Time of the Different Streams Under the 482 Visa? 

The processing time for the different streams under the TSS 482 Visa are as follows:

  • Short-term stream: Around 50% of the applications are processed under 64 days, and 90% of it is processed around 13 months. 
  • Medium-term stream: 50% of the applications are processed in 43 days, whereas 90% of them take around five months to process. 
  • Labour agreement stream: 50% of the applications under this stream take 63 days to process, while the rest 90% take around five months. 
  • Subsequent entrant stream: There are no specific processing times under this visa. 

As per the 482 visa requirements, you need to be nominated for a skilled position by an approved Australian sponsor. You also need to possess the appropriate skills to do the job. 

What is the Processing Time of the Different Streams Under the 186 Visa? 

The 186 Visa Processing times for the different streams under the subclass 186 visa are as follows:

  • Direct Entry Stream: Around 50% of the applications are processed in around six months, and 90% take 13 months to process. 
  • Labour agreement stream: Around 50% of the applications take four months to process, while 90% take eight months. 
  • Temporary Residence Transition stream: 50% of the visa applications take seven months to process, and it takes 30 months for 90% of the application to process. 

Per the Visa Subclass 186 requirements, you need to be under 50 years of age, demonstrate competent English, and hold a skilled assessment from specific authorities. You also require having at least three years of work experience.  

What Are the Obligations of a Sponsor?

Sponsors need to have an obligation to be in touch with the inspection if the Department of Home Affairs investigates the nature of the business. Your sponsor will also require to ensure that the terms and conditions of employment they provide are less than those received by Australian workers. 

The sponsors also need to keep records to display their compliance, and that includes training permanent residents and Australians. They also need to notify the nature of their work and employment changes to the Department of Home Affairs. 

Final Words 

Before you apply for the 482 or 186 Australian visas, you need to fulfil the 482 visa conditions and 186 conditions. If you want to apply for any of these visas and need help in doing so, you can take the help of a migration agent. Due to their experience and expertise, the best agents can help you fill out the visa application form and ensure that your visa is not denied. 

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