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When you’re streaming online video, you may encounter some hindrances along the way. These can include an outage in your data center, slow streaming speeds, or anti-competitive behavior. This article will look at ways to deal with these problems.

Problems with Streaming

If you have trouble streaming videos from streaming online channels and platforms, there are several possible causes. First, your streaming devices may need to be set up correctly. You should check the devices and connect them to the gateway using a good-quality Ethernet connection. You should also ensure that the devices are within 15 feet of the gateway. Another cause may be that your streaming service is experiencing high traffic. In this case, your streaming service may need to adjust the bandwidth it can push out.

If you want to keep streaming, you should try to avoid using the internet during peak hours. Streaming during these hours greatly strains your ISP’s network and slows your speed. You can also try to schedule your streaming during non-peak hours to prevent the issue.

Ways to Speed up Streaming

One way to speed up streaming on online channels and platforms is to remove any unnecessary software from the system. Most modern operating systems and web browsers are very good at cleaning up temporary files. However, people who don’t shut down their devices often need to realize the benefit of cleaning up temporary files. Cleanup can be performed in several ways depending on the operating system and browser used. You may also disable hardware acceleration in your browser.

Another way to increase streaming speeds is to connect via ethernet cable. Using this method will double the speed of your internet connection. This is a great option if you’re streaming from your computer or smart television. It can also improve the quality of the video.

Before using a streaming service, you should run a speed test on your internet and Wi-Fi connection. This will provide you with an indication of how much bandwidth you’ll need. You should upgrade your internet service provider if you need more bandwidth to watch streaming content.

You can also improve your internet connection speed by upgrading your Wi-Fi router and modem. Many internet service providers will swap out your old devices for newer ones. If your internet speed is low, you may want to consider a dedicated streaming device. This way, you won’t experience buffering when you watch videos.

If you’re experiencing lag, try restarting the streaming service or your device. Try relocating your Wi-Fi hub to a better location if something else is needed. If you have multiple devices, you may also want to disable your virtual private network (VPN), which reroutes your internet connection.

Ways to Deal with a Data Center Outage

There are several ways to deal with a data center outage that may interrupt online content delivery. One option is replicating data to a secondary location, which may be a hybrid cloud option. Another option is to use regional replication, which allows data to be replicated in multiple regional zones. These options can help you deal with regional outages caused by a natural disaster or large infrastructure failure.

Another option is to use a serverless data processing service like Google Cloud Dataflow. You can protect your data by replicating it across multiple regions using a serverless service. Similarly, if a cloud service hosts your data, you can choose a service like Cloud Logging storage or BigQuery to limit the impact of an outage.

Ways to Deal with Anti-Competitive Behavior

Big tech firms are known for their anti-competitive behavior, and there has been a lot of concern over their dominance in the digital marketplace. Some of these companies are acquiring smaller, nascent companies to avoid the scrutiny of antitrust laws. Regardless of the motives behind these acquisitions, the result is that consumers are often the ones paying the price.

Existing antitrust laws cannot address this problem because digital markets are winner-take-all. As a result, dominant platforms enjoy durable market power. Therefore, governments should impose ex-ante restructuring or similar measures to limit the power of these platforms.

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Streaming sites are good sources of entertainment, but sometimes they create issues like buffering, interrupted connection, and content geo-restrictions. So make sure the VPN you are using to access any restricted site has the ability to unblock all the content.

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