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Are the success and failure rates the only relevant elements to take into consideration, or are there other variables to take into consideration as well? The outcomes of previous contests between two teams are irrelevant when it comes to some of the fiercest rivalries in sports. No matter whether it’s an India vs. Pakistan cricket match, an El Clasico, or a Federer vs. Nadal tennis match, the stats are always fascinating before the game, but once it begins, they are rapidly rendered meaningless. Throughout all 15 seasons of the Indian Premier League, CSK and RCB have been bitter competitors against one another (IPL). The upcoming ipl games the next year will be fun to watch between these two teams. The following are the three games that took place between the two teams that had the fans of both sides excited and ready to support their respective teams.

  • April 21, 2019, in Bengaluru: RCB vs. CSK –

CSK decided to let the home team bat first in the match after they won the toss. Virat Kohli’s early loss was more than made up for by Parthiv Patel’s fiery innings. He scored 53 runs off of 37 balls, including four sixes and two fours. They were able to get to 161 thanks to a few good hits from the lower order, especially from Moeen Ali (26 off 16). The answer that CSK gave was that they were off to a bad start. Those who are ranked 5,5,0,29,9 are in the top five. When RCB thought they had everything under control, they ran into MS Dhoni, who was too much for them to handle. Dhoni led his team to the last over of the game, as he usually does. When both teams had 26 runs, Kohli gave the ball to Umesh Yadav.

 The next five balls were in the following places: 4, 6, 6, 2, 6. To play, you had to have at least two wins out of one. And the way Dhoni’s wicket fell made it look like there was no hope. One of the best players of all time almost cost the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) the game with a great finish. Umesh hit a slower outside of the ball, but Dhoni ran faster and was able to avoid it. Since he needed it. Shardul Thakur, the pitcher who wasn’t the one who got the strikeout, also helped the team win. But he was nowhere near fast enough to get away from Parthiv’s frontal attack.

Cricket is a sport where wins are often decided by small margins and there are a lot of runs scored. It was shown again the same night, in the evening. Dhoni hit 7 sixes and 5 fours during his innings, which took 48 balls and led to 84 runs. But the person who didn’t strike was a quarter of a second slower than the person who did, so his score went down by one run.

  • 2014 game between CSK and RCB –

Because of his 14-ball score of 28, which included three sixes and a four, ABD was awarded the title of Man of the Match. He said that the playing surface was “perhaps one of the toughest I’ve ever played on.” Even though he scored a lot of runs, this does not indicate how significant his innings were. CSK was aware from the very beginning of the day that the state of the pitch would continue to deteriorate during the course of the day. They made the decision to bat first and, thanks in large part to Suresh Raina’s contributions, were able to raise their score up to 138 for 4 at the conclusion of the 20th over.

When Kohli was taken out of the game, the RCB had to score 64 runs off of 35 deliveries in order to win their chase of 139. At that time, De Villiers became a participant in the game. The tempo of the pitch picked up and became ever more rapid with each subsequent delivery. Kohli now has 27 runs on the board after 29 balls have been bowled. The first swing of the Superman that David Hussey took in the 16th over resulted in a six-run hit.

One is next over for Ashwin, which brings us to our last point. In the first two balls of the 18th over, David Hussey allowed Mr. 360 to hit two balls, scoring one run for six and one runs for four. During the last delivery of the over, Hussey was finally able to see ABD’s back, but by that point, RCB had already narrowed the distance by a significant amount. And in the last over, Yuvraj Singh and Nechim Ahmed performed what was required of them to ensure that their side remained in contention for the win.

  • IPL 2009: Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Chennai Super Kings –

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) competed in the championship game of the second tournament and won the championship. However, they were unable to triumph until they prevailed against CSK in a challenging semi-final encounter in Johannesburg. After winning the toss and deciding to bowl first, RCB probably would have liked to get off to a better start earlier in the game. During their turn at bat, CSK was successful in scoring 61 runs in just seven overs. Despite this, RCB was successful in preventing the Yellow Army from making any more advances. CSK was only able to add 85 runs over the course of the last 13 overs, leaving Anil Kumble’s side with a target score of 147.

The score of 22/2 after just three overs is evidence that RCB got off to a poor start in their innings. But Manish Pandey, who began the inning, was able to keep things moving and keep runs coming in while he was at the plate. Pandey faced 35 balls, scored 48 runs, and smashed seven fours, despite the fact that Rahul Dravid was correct about what he believed. This assisted RCB in making progress toward its objective.

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