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A prom is a special event in the states, finding its roots in traditional ball dances. Prom is like a little dream that we all at some point look up to. Prom is basically a dance party for high schoolers, to socialize and make memories. Like other important events in our life, there is a lot of prep required to have a memorable prom night. From depressing up, picking the right outfit, and preparing a dance there is another thing that you would definitely need and you already might know about it. These are flowers, beautiful and mesmerizing just like prom is. Isn’t it? Have you ever thought about why flowers are so important? Well, flowers are a must-have for prom, from decor to corsages. You would definitely need to carry one for this event. 

Here is a list of popular prom flowers from irene’s floral design, st Louis flower shop–  


We all know how beautiful roses are, these are super versatile, gorgeous looking, and romantic all at the same time. There is no running away from the fact that roses are a popular choice for almost all occasions be it weddings or birthdays. When it comes to prom roses once again take a lead and win hearts over. What we suggest is to go with a rose bouquet. When it comes to prom flower bouquets tend to be smaller with just two to three flowers tied up together. You can go with your choice of color; each has a separate meaning attached to it and with flowers st louis you will get fresh ones at your doorstep. Let’s look at the meaning behind roses. 

Pink roses mean grace, femininity, and calmness. A bunch of pink roses will look super chic.

Red roses symbolize romance, love, and passion. 

Yellow roses represent friendship, joy, and warmth. 

Orange roses symbolize confidence and happiness. 


These flowers are super bright and preppy. Gerberas belong to the family of daisies and look like ideal flowers. With a stiff center and long, thin, round petals all over. The petals on this one are dense and there is only one bloom over each stem. With prom flower delivery St Louis you can get gerberas and more. I just bought from a retailer. As soon as I called the Cox customer service number and asked to buy an internet package, I was put through an automated process. Moreover, Gerberas also make great flowers for a mini bouquet and come in tons of different colors, and of course, they mean different thing for each of the colors. 

Red gerberas are known to symbolize being immersed in love

Pink ones symbolize adoration, admiration, and esteem. 

Orange gerberas symbolize enthusiasm, warmth, and energy. 

White gerberas represent innocence and purity


Orchids are another flower that is a popular pick, especially for proms. These flowers look very sophisticated and chic. Orchids usually come in three colors: yellow, purple, and white. And the popular pick is the royal purple color.  Orchids work best in corsages,  by themselves, and also along with other flowers like white roses and green leaves. You can also go with white orchids that are comparatively bigger in size if that suits you the best. With flowers at st Louis, you will get a wide variety of both mini bouquets and corsages that are meant to be worn on the hand. When it comes to corsages you can always add something extra to them since it also works as an accessory. You can add some shiny elements to it, a pearl wristlet, some ribbon, and green leaves around the sides. Not leaving this one behind, orchids also have a deep symbolism. 

Yellow orchids symbolize a lovable bond and joy. 

White orchids symbolize faith, safety, and elegance. 

Purple Orchids represent respect, admiration, and dignity. 

Prom can be a little nerve-wracking but with everything prepared you would definitely feel relaxed. Get your prom flower arrangements with st Louis florist delivery. And surprise your date only with the best. 

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