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Being Workoholic Vs Alcoholic : Affect on lifestyle

In the last year, three separate events occurred that Alcoholic inspired me to create this piece. In the beginning I was contacted by one of my readers on my blog who wrote:

“I’m an addict recovering. I find it difficult to admit, even after years at therapy, and with the help of my family and friends however, speaking the truth can be helpful. One aspect of my therapy that rehab centers near me struck an emotional chord was something referred to as “Chaos Addiction,”. 

The suggestion was that I’m addictions were driven by a desire to always have items in my world that are in transition’, and thus experiencing the unpredictable and unpredictably. As I looked back at my life, it struck home…I’d appreciate it to know if you’re thinking of sharing this with your website’s readers. “.

National prizes for his work

Dr. Mark Griffiths is a Distinguished Professor of Behavioral Addiction and Director of the International Gaming Research Unit in the Psychology Department at Nottingham Trent University (UK). He has published more than 600 research papers that have been peer-reviewed five books, more than 150 book chapters, as well as more than 1,500 additional articles. He has been awarded 18 international and national prizes for his work.

Then, I was presented with an album by one of my acquaintances that contained the track ‘Addicted To Chaos” by the band Megadeth (from their album in 1994 the album called Youthanasia). In the third I was watching “Chasing” Lanes where the main character Doyle Gipson (played by Samuel L Jackson) is informed Alcoholichis AA sponsor (played by William Hurt) that he was addicted to chaos rather than drinking.

Been any research conducted on the subject

I’ve never heard of the term “chaos addiction” prior to the email I given. As far as I’m aware Alcoholic, there hasn’t been any research conducted on the subject. However, the Dr. Keith Lee did write the book in 2007 ( Addicted To Chaos The Journey from. Extreme to Serene) that details his personal Alcohol rehab near me experiences with the subject. Through examples that examine individuals who are “addicted to intensity out of the chaos and toward mind/body harmony. Higher consciousness, and a deeply spiritual transformation”. More specifically:

“In an age when the “extreme theme” has become the standard. People are being attracted to the idea that being intense means being alive. If this is the case the mind is hooked to drama and the soul becomes depleted of meaning. This kind of lifestyle can bring excitement to the core, but it is not fueled by this addiction-inducing energy. May result in fear, withdrawal and anxiety that are insufferable “.

Indicators that he believes are signs of being chaotic

While researching this article, I came across a lot of articles online that discuss “addiction to chaos”. The term was used to describe the actor Lindsay Lohan following a television interview Alcoholic. With Oprah Winfrey (and the many articles that followed that focused on her addiction to chaos’).

A brief piece published in Business Weekby Clate Mask said that it’s entrepreneurs. Who are often obsessed with chaotic situations (based from the “experiences and observations. Working with thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs over the years” as well as his top three. Indicators that he believes are signs of being chaotic: (i) Their business lives revolve around their inbox. (ii) they can’t quit their job, (ii) they are curiously proud of having very little time to themselves. 

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