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It is said that the Sandhan Valley is also called the Valley of Shadows due to the lack of sunlight on the valley’s rocky mountains. The valley is gorgeous however it is rocky. Because of its beauty and rugged terrain, it’s a perfect spot for hiking. In the Sahyadri Mountain range, located in the Sandhan Valley, adventure seekers come in huge amounts. Many find it an arduous hike, however the end result is an immense sense of satisfaction.

Sandhan Valley trek , which is near Bhandardara as well as Igatpuri in Maharashtra It offers an adventure experience that is unlike every other. Apart from the trek, you can climb, jump, and even camp outdoors. This trek is famous for its remote spots and amazing photography opportunities.

How to Go to the Sandhan Valley

First, you must journey towards Kasara and Igatpuri before getting there to Samrad Village. Travel on the roads to Samrad village by hiring a vehicle. It will take approximately four to five hours to cover 200 kilometers between Mumbai towards Sandhan Ghati.

Another option is to take an express shuttle bus between Mumbai as well as Pune to Igatpuri Ghoti, from where buses to Bhandardara are readily available. From there, you’ll be able to use a jeep that is sharable towards Samrad village.

It is possible to travel from Sandhan Valley by train as well. From Mumbai you can take the railway to Kasara. From CST then take the Kasara rapid train. Once you arrive make a reservation for a private vehicle for Samrad. Jeep tours for individuals are usually available. There are many other trains that travel along the route. 

Sandhan Valley area is the place of Treks, There are many Treks around Sahyadri. And also Camping places like Bhandardara Camping.

TREK Specifications

All times of the year, aside from summer, is suitable to visit Sandhan Valley. When the temperature increases and humidity grows the energy level decreases which makes your hike unpleasant.

Autumn, winter and monsoon time are the most rewarding and enjoyable time to embark on an excursion in the Sandhan Valley.

In the beginning of your hike it is possible to traverse subsurface waters bodies that are between 2 and 4 feet deep, if you start from Samrad. This is the Tarzan rock is the place where you’ll climb onto rope ladders, and then perform some cave crawling while you lower.

You will then traverse through the bedrock of the rock and then descend. There are massive waterbodies to travel through, huge rocks to move, and a camping spot afterward. The bird’s-eye view will let you observe Bann Pinnacle and Ajoba Hill.

From the lake or river and continue to descend through gentle slopes, and a shoreline hike until you arrive at Dehne town, where at this point, shuttle buses for Asangaon station are easily available. You can also take exactly the same route returning to Samrad and then take taxi or jeep to get there or stay in Bhandardara to enjoy a long and enjoyable weekend.

The price of a self-drive automobile for the journey between Mumbai to Bhandardara can range from Rs.5000 to the amount of Rs. 8000. The cost of train tickets ranges between to Rs. 1000 to the amount of Rs. 1200.

The price for a private jeep/taxi is the equivalent of Rs. 50 per person. The cost of bus travel to Mumbai to Bhandardara range between the amount of Rs. 600 to the amount of Rs. 800.

In the camping area of the river valley you can bring your own tent for night camping. Cost each night per stay at home in Samrad village ranges between 500 to Rs. 500 to the amount of Rs. 800. The cost of lodgings in Bhandardara start at Rs. 1000.

The trek takes place in an unlit valley without homes nearby, there will not be food available along the route. There are however plenty of meals cooked at home and meals available from Samrad villager’s who cook delicious and fresh Marathi type food.

Before starting the trek, have a satisfying breakfast. Bring food for the evening. When you arrive at your final destination, you can stop for a delicious dinner at Dehne and Samrad. If you choose to go for a trek with a group The trek operators will prepare meals for you.

What is there in the trek

Explore the close Myanmar Gate, Tringalwadi, Ashoka Waterfall, and Thal Ghat with a short journey to Igatpuri. Also, make sure to visit Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake and stroll through the charming towns of Ratanwadi. Within a short distance from the base camp, in Ratanwadi you can visit another beautiful waterfall.

Discover the historical forts of Alang, Madan, and Kulang by climbing an uphill. If, after you have completed the Sandhan Valley Trek you are not exhausted.

They are a bit challenging So, perhaps you can spend a day relaxing in Bhandardara before you begin your hike again.

It is also possible to reenergize yourself by visiting Bhandardara’s breathtaking waterfalls, including Umbrella Falls, Kalsubai Peak as well as Randha Fall.

A moderately easy slope will take the hiker across Bhandardara up to Ratangad Fort for a further thrilling hike.


For beginners, it is not recommended to try this Sandhan Valley Trek without a guide or an official trekking authority.

Your energy will be used to good use on the hike. If you are suffering from any health issues like a severe heart problem or BP related problems, you should avoid this Trek. Include mosquito spray, supplements and a coat.

Use a bag that is comfortable to carry with you, and wear hiking shoes. Don’t over-pack. If you’re looking to take a camera with you to capture moments, bring it along with a battery bank.

Make sure you have enough freshwater coming in the town of Sandhan. The water that is drinkable from the tributaries of the trail may not be pure.

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