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Backpacks To Keep For Traveling

I was born during the time fanny packs were popular. In the 80s, our parents would wear them when they went out with the family during busy vacation days which means that most of us of that Traveling generation, myself included — grew up with them as a scourge … to say the least until recently. The 1980s appear to be once again trendy, which means that the fanny pack is back trendy.

In contrast to the fanny packs of old, modern-day travel fanny packs have acquired new identities.

Also known as crossbody bags, sling best mother daughter trip bags, belts and sling bags this latest version of the iconic accessory is currently worn across the chest and the pack is placed located in the back or front of hanging across the waist.

If you’re in the first (or second) period with the bag, they are unquestionably useful. So we’ve compiled our top choices for traveling.

What should you look for in fanny packs?

The most useful fanny bags are those which are comfortable to wear throughout the day long, and can stand up to elements, and provide enough nooks and places to keep your things secure and well-organized.

Also, the most appropriate accessory for your fanny pack is the one that matches your preferences and style such as an outfit made of leather that you wear to a dinner out or something that is themed and personalized for visits to theme parks or the most robust and functional option that can withstand any situation you might encounter traveling.

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Being it is the OG bags for belts, we’d be remiss to not be able to include it in this Everywhere Belt Bag from the ubiquitous athleisure brand Lululemon.

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Since its debut during the spring of 2020 (and the subsequent spread across TikTok). There’s an excellent chance that you’ve seen plenty of urban millennials and even more wearing Lulu’s Everywhere Belt Bag. Including TPG news reporter Caroline Tanner.

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