Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Exhibit Global not talking about what widgets or special doodads etc. We’re talking about the broad strategies that can be used in event trade show booth design or most exhibition shows to bring to your show how do you think about it and what approach do you have with those people. are the ones that come to your table at the event show that you need to pay attention to but anyway the things you are going to learn from this is how to create a strategy how to drive traffic for yourself and then your table after that But how to keep the traffic and then how you qualify prospects quickly so that you don’t waste a chunk of your precious time.

Exhibit Global explains to you how it works, but the good thing when you’re doing a lead generation event for yourself is that you get a little less specific about your audience, you can also generalize it even more. And you can target a lot of different demographics and different types for yourself.

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