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India is home to numerous waterfalls and treks. Well, when we feel that everything is falling out of place. we pick out for places where we get a chance to rejuvenate ourselves. These kinds of places are the hidden gems to consider going and keep aside the materialistic world for some time.

One such waterfall is Devkund Waterfall whose hypnotic beauty will leave you spellbound. Devkund Waterfall trek is situated near Bhira Dam in Raigad district of Maharashtra. If travelling from Pune, this waterfall trek will fall at a distance of 120 km and 170 km from Mumbai. 

It is a plummet waterfall where gross amount of water pours directly onto the rocky surface underneath. The water here is crystal and clear and acts as a healing means. The place is mostly untouched and gives a sense of purity. The place is beautiful and so is the journey that takes you to this place. 

Where is the trek starts from?

The journey of this lake trek starts from village Bhira, from here it is going to take 3-4 hour to reach the waterfall. Bhira Dam near the village has a parking area having a very minimal fee of 20/-. 

However, the trek may be easy but since the route mostly passes through a jungle. a guide is required to assist in case you are an amateur. 

The trek trail is of dense jungle with some picturesque views. With each passing step you get surprised by the lush greenery in the jungle. Just before you reach Devkund, there is a steep mountain that you have to climb and then a descend towards Devkund. But yes, you spend a lot of energy in climbing the mountain, although the climb is not inclined. 

This waterfall is a convergence of three lakes and also the origin of the Kundalika river. You tend to cross the river a few times and if its raining then the water flow will keep on disturbing you while crossing.  

Best Time to visit Devkund trek

Best time to visit this trek is starting from June to March. 

However, this trek is best enjoyed in Monsoons and recommended also. If you are travelling during Monsoon then you will be lucky to see the waterfall having good amounts of water. However, if there is more rainfall than general then the trek is closed for visitors as there is generous amount of risk involved. There were few deaths also associated with this trek during monsoon so, it is compulsory for the visitors to carry a local guide along.

A Guide is most likely to be a local villager who knows the path and its surroundings very well. But it is advisable to inform them with prior notice in order to know the current situation.

Devkund waterfall in Summer

If you plan to visit in summers, which is usually done by many visitors in order to check on the views of how will it be different in summers. However, the weather is hot and humid and the waterfall also gets dried up sometimes during summers. The beauty of this trek is the waterfall and if you don’t get to see that only then you are surely going to miss the most important thing of this trek.

Devkund waterfall trek is gaining popularity slowly and hence also becoming crowded at times. If you want to enjoy the place privately with less people around then. it is advisable that you start in the morning as early as possible. If you want to have lunch or some snacks before starting the trek or after finishing the trek then there are few joints at the base village. You can also carry some snacks along with you since the time is long.

Plan A Stay

There are few resorts and hotels also near Bhira village. And if you are carrying your tents then you can also put your tents near the Bhira Dam. It depends on you how you want to plan your stay and enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

There are several campsites also near the dam where you can rent in tents and do camping. You can enjoy the night camping after returning from the waterfall trek. Mountains covered with moonlight will give you a scenic view at night. 

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