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The resurgence of interest in crystal healing has been fueled by the increasing popularity of New Age beliefs, yoga, mindfulness, and alternative medicine in recent years. There are numerous uses for crystals, including perfumes, water bottles, gemstone healing necklaces, facials, and massages.

Even though crystals healing is still thought to be a hoax, some sources say that the Sumerians of Mesopotamia did it 6,000 years ago. The amount of information available to the general public regarding complementary and alternative therapies like crystal healing is also expanding. However, there are no peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate crystal healing’s effectiveness. As long as conventional treatments are not neglected, there is also no evidence that crystals cause harm. Crystals, for instance, are not a substitute for prescription medications, cancer treatments, or therapy for mental health.)

What we know about healing crystals, including how they might function and how to use them.

How do healing crystals work?

Crystals are stones that have certain physical characteristics, like a particular arrangement or formation of atoms, that affect how light refracts and how much electricity flows through them. These qualities and their potential effects on the vibration, electrical charge, and functionality of the human body are the focus of crystal healing. Jenelle Kim, a doctor of Chinese medicine who is also the founder and formulator of JBK Wellness Labs, explains that these frequencies and vibrations can also be understood as qi, which is the vital energy that is present in all living things.

How are crystals used for healing?

Crystal healing is thought to have two effects on an individual: through mentality and vibration.

Vibrational Medicine

Marcel Vogel, a researcher at IBM, was the first to use the term “vibrational medicine” in the 1970s to describe the belief that crystal healing alters the body’s molecules’ vibration to match the energy of the crystal being used. Dr. Kim asserts that because crystals have a wavelength that is comparable to that of the human body, they can enhance the body’s natural healing process because they vibrate at the same frequency as humans.

“As humans, we have the ability to operate within this energy scale, either ascending or descending,” says holistic chiropractor Alexandra Trevisan, who is based in Los Angeles. Think of love and enthusiasm at the top of the scale, and hate and fear at the bottom. Healing crystals typically “repel energy from the low end of the energetic scale (anger, jealousy, and/or despair) or hold one or more frequencies at the high end of the energetic scale (love, clarity, and/or hope).

Mindset Crystal

Mindset Crystal healing can also harness the mind’s power in a way that may be even more potent than improvements to vibrational energy. Poets and religious leaders have always interpreted crystals as signs of purity, pleasure, faith, and perfection. Crystals were a source of creativity, devotion, and inspiration for them.

Mindset plays a significant role in health and healing, according to Stanford researchers. Crystal healing practitioners believe that an intention-based mentality, similar to that developed in mindfulness meditation, can aid in immune function, concentration, emotional processing, stress reduction, and nervous system regulation.

How are healing crystals used?

Healing crystals can be used in a variety of ways, from meditation to decoration and beyond.


When your mind wanders, you can easily and effectively return to your meditation practice by holding or gazing at a crystal that represents a mantra, emotion, or intention. According to Trevisan, they function as a grounding tool on a more practical level.

Wearing Crystals

To get the most out of vibrational medicine, many crystal healers say to wear crystals on your skin or in your clothes. While working with a client, Trevisan, for instance, places crystals “on a chakra, or energy center” on their body.


Shanice Spruill, founder of JOHARI and LOU Artisan Soul Stones and a certified holistic practitioner, suggests including crystals in your home decor to “maintain healthy feng shui within your home.”

Wellness and spa treatments

Crystals are used in massages, facials, and even chiropractic adjustments by many holistic health practitioners.

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