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WhatsApp Marketing: When individuals discuss social media marketing, they frequently consider well-known conventional networks like Facebook and Twitter. However, messaging applications are gradually catching up—and according to the number of monthly active users, they already have.

Companies cannot afford to ignore messaging applications. These applications offer personalisation and authenticity, two crucial features that traditional networks do not, in addition to their fast-expanding user base. Building connections is the foundation of doing business, and all relationships begin with a dialogue. Given this, it is simple to understand how messaging services like WhatsApp may greatly benefit brands.

Even if some of what we’ve just said about Messenger still holds, WhatsApp is different in other respects. The virtual number for WhatsApp is a flexible number where you will decide what to do with incoming messages and calls over it. 

The network has more than 1.5 billion monthly users, and it appears that trend will continue. However, it’s crucial to understand what you can accomplish on the platform before we go into further depth.

Let’s first comprehend and start with the fundamental question, “What is WhatsApp?” before learning about WhatsApp marketing.

What is WhatsApp?

Most people have probably heard about WhatsApp & WhatsApp Marketing unless they have been living under a rock or have recently returned from their ten-year Himalayan trip. Just a brief recap, though. Two former Yahoo workers created WhatsApp in 2009 to enable unfettered communication for everybody.

Facebook bought them in 2014 for $19 billion after doing so more quickly than any other firm to reach 450 million monthly active users. Over 2 billion people are currently active users of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Marketing has gained popularity over time as the gamble paid off. Integrated features: allow you to utilize it for more than just sending and receiving messages.


A voice chat

Documents for location-sharing GIFs (everyone’s favourite)

A paid version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Business is available. It has all of the features from the standard edition in addition to a few new ones. Finally, WhatsApp has opened up its API so that businesses can build products around it.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies:

The following advice should be kept in mind while you execute WhatsApp campaigns:

1. Live customer support

You may provide real-time customer assistance using WhatsApp. You may utilize WhatsApp’s many capabilities, like chat and audio or video calls, to assist your consumers and this thing was first prioritized by This guarantees that you may treat your users directly and individually in addition to having the benefit of better customer service.

WhatsApp may be used for more than simply customer service, too. Additionally, you may utilize WhatsApp to collect orders from your clients or offer them exclusive deals.

To improve your service, it could also be a good idea to utilize WhatsApp Web. You may provide your consumer’s unmatched support by using the keyboard and webcam on your PC.

2. Utilize all of WhatsApp’s capabilities.

There are several features in WhatsApp that you may make use of. The platform, for instance, features a function called “status” that lets you publish content as 24-hour-only status updates. 

This may be used if you want to be less pushy with your marketing, but it’s also a terrific approach to let your consumers know about flash specials or offers.

To obtain a discount on their purchases, you may ask them to screenshot the QR code from your article and bring it with them to your business. Auto reply for WhatsApp responds to the customers automatically when you are unavailable or out of working hours. 

You may share your location with curious consumers in addition to the status function. You may send someone the exact address of your shop on WhatsApp if they ask where it is. The receiver will then be able to access it in Google Maps on their phones.

Last but not least, WhatsApp offers a payment tool that enables you to send and receive money via UPI. 

When you use WhatsApp Payments for the first time, it will prompt you to set up your UPI before allowing you to accept payments or issue client refunds. This will only function, though, if your customers have WhatsApp payments set up as well.

3. Make communications more appealing

WhatsApp offers several formatting choices to help your messages seem good. To accentuate key aspects of your message, you might bold or italicize specific passages of text. Put text between underscores to italics it, and between asterisks to bold it.

Aside from text, keep in mind that you may send GIFs, pictures, and videos. Readers may find your writing more engaging as a result. Emojis are another option you have for your message that you may use to express yourself more creatively.

However, avoid bombarding your clients with unending communications! Make sure to type out the whole message you wish to send, neatly divided into many paragraphs to make it simpler for the eyes. Make an effort to keep your information as succinct and captivating as you can.

Final Thought:

WhatsApp marketing is a great approach to creating a loyal following for your business and enhancing your social media customer support. And there are a few simple methods to begin going right now:

WhatsApp marketing is a great approach to creating a loyal following for your business and enhancing your social media customer support.

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