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volunteer jobs in NGO new Delhi

The Special Light Foundation 

Children in the neighborhood receive a high-quality education from The Unique Light Foundation, a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Baku-Kasoa, Ghana. They work in collaboration with schools to give girls and teen moms the supplies they need while educating them about reproductive health and giving them employable skills. In addition to working with children who have visual impairments, the group runs a campaign to raise awareness of preventable causes of blindness and offers health exams and referrals.

If you love the internet and have some spare time, you may volunteer jobs in NGO new Delhi online by assisting the Unique Light Foundation with website updates.

Using Art to Communicate

Do you have a passion for the arts? An organization called Talking Through Art works to give persons with physical disabilities in vulnerable communities possibilities for employment that are centered on the arts. Since their establishment in 2015, they have employed about 80 people to produce traditional artwork and handicrafts from Rwanda at a fair price. The group also provides art and theatre therapy to help individuals become more self-assured and confident.

Even though Talking Through Art does provide on-site NGO volunteer jobs in Delhi opportunities, you can still significantly improve their situation by helping them out from home. The group needs assistance with grant proposal writing and research to continue their initiatives. If you have a computer, you can volunteer at home to assist them in continuing their job.

Foundation for Films for Peace

You’ll love using Films 4 Peace if you’ve been spending more time at home watching television and movies. The Dhaka, Bangladesh-based nonprofit uses movies to promote peace in the local community. This NGO, which was founded in 2010, arranges film festivals and showings that advance ideals like diversity, peace, and tolerance to affect a mental shift in the community.

Films 4 Peace always needs a helping hand in their mission to create lasting peace in their society through movies. Even though you might not be able to join the 225,000 Americans who work as NGO volunteers jobs in Delhi for peace and development abroad, you can contribute online by creating reports and brochures for their programs.

Believe C.B.O. for Mental Health Care.

Do you care deeply about the rights of women and mental health? This foundation is committed to fostering a conscious culture as a woman-led organization that seeks to promote social empowerment and better mental health. You can contribute your time to their effort to raise awareness at all societal levels by participating in online volunteering.

The Believe Mental Health Care Organization needs volunteer jobs in NGO New Delhi to help with preparing funding grant bids, designing brochures, and creating promotional videos. Put your talents to work for a cause.

Stronger Communities DEWI

DEWI dedicates its efforts to children, youth, and women as a Community Based Organization (C.B.O.) committed to fostering literacy, addressing unemployment, and offering development possibilities. This organization strives to combat the alarming rates of illiteracy, school dropouts, unemployment, and poverty through practical and career skills training, school outreach, talent development, and local savings programs.

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