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In the automotive industry, packaging is designed to maximize space utilization. In other words, automotive packaging maximizes space while shipping more parts. It is pertinent to note that automotive packaging innovations are not limited to improving space utilization. It is being researched how to package automobile parts more sustainably and efficiently. Here, some of the most notable innovations in the field of automotive packaging.

1. Poultry Feather to Replace Polystyrene Foam

Polystyrene is a type of plastic derivative widely used to produce car parts, such as knobs, instrument panels, energy-absorbing door panels, and so on. Even though polystyrene can’t decompose, its alternative can be incredibly beneficial for the industry, as it is not decomposable. An emerging startup called Aero powder produces temperature-sensitive packaging by using waste poultry feathers as the raw material. The idea is to take benefit of the natural thermal insulation properties of the birds’ feathers to create this device. As a sustainable alternative to polystyrene, the company attempts to develop a biodegradable material that can replace it.

2. Recyclable Corrosion Protection Packaging

As a result of Smurfit Kappa’s development of its corrosion-free packaging, the automotive parts are sure to reach their destination corrosion free, regardless of the length of the transit to their destination. In order to protect the product, VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) is used as a layer on the packaging, similar to a print process on ordinary packaging, and it uses the properties of VCI as a protective agent. There are no colors or odors in this layer, so the goods can be used directly without cleaning. The layer is colorless and odorless.

Want to know how to pack new and used automotive parts in a sturdy and robust cardboard box for new or used parts? Do you need a reliable, efficient wholesale cardboard packaging solution for auto parts boxes and wholesale automotive parts packaging? There is no doubt that the custom-made spare parts box packaging we manufacture is capable of surviving the harshest of environments.

3. The Need for Protective Packaging

Manufacturers and dealers of automotive spare parts need proper packaging in order to ensure that their products are protected. Most of the time, these automotive products are shipped from one part of the world to another part of the world. Nevertheless, it is crucial to make an informed choice about the outer covering when it comes to packaging. Packaging materials are one of the most important factors in the production of spare parts for many manufacturers.

There is no doubt that these automotive packaging materials are ruggedly built with a high texture that meets their supply chain’s physical specifications, but they are also durable. Our environmentally-friendly automotive cardboard packaging materials, heavy or light, come in various sizes and weights, and our designs and prints make them stand out from the crowd.

The need for sustainable packaging results from the need to deliver automotive spare parts quickly to customers.

4. Key Benefits for The Automotive Packaging Industry

As our turnaround time is short, automotive manufacturers will appreciate our ability to print and design on a product quickly. The quality of the final product will not be compromised, no matter how much work is required to meet the deadline.

  • Using design solutions to promote marketing ideas for automotive parts packaging
  • Automotive parts are protected and shelf-lived longer using an innovative process
  • Delivering smartly branded automotive products in seamless packaging
  • All automotive packaging should be interactive to enhance the consumer’s experience.

5. Automotive Product Branding with Cardboard

Among the automotive industry’s best branding strategies are packaging with enhanced finishes and printed effects. Spare part dealerships can maintain their competitiveness by offering branded products and packages. So, with highly advanced printing machines, we create reticulate patterns and tactile effects. Our unique films and printing inks distinguish your packaging from others in the marketplace. Because our innovation is unique, it becomes increasingly difficult for counterfeiters to create counterfeit versions of your products. There are many ways in which we can enhance the appearance of your multi-fold brochures and pamphlets that accompany your products inside automotive packaging, starting with little interactive details to colorful prints.

Among all the packaging types used in the automotive industry, automotive packaging boxes are one of the most demanding. A product cannot exist without packaging, and the quality of the product you offer with your product is inextricably linked to the quality of the packaging that you provide with it. In addition to better products, people are also willing to spend more for higher quality packaging that reflects the product’s quality.

Get them to stand out from the shelf by printing your own logo and artwork. You can customize your order based on your budget and requirements, from the size to the printing of your order. There are no set up or tooling fees associated with custom cardboard packaging, as this is something we do absolutely free of charge for our clients. I would also like to add that if the product comes with free shipping, then what else do you need?

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